Competitive Soccer Club Teams


The club holds tryouts two times a year

January and May



Spring: December to February

Fall: June to August


Spring: February to May

Fall: August to November


Our boys and girls teams are organized by age and coached by our experienced staff

Practices & Training

Typically held two times per week on Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursdays at the Walton Sports Complex.  Times vary by team.

Games & Tournaments

Teams participate in a minimum of 3 tournaments per season.  The older age groups often participate in more than three.

Practices & Training

Players have the opportunity to train multiple times per week with our experienced coaching staff.  These are not parent volunteers, rather experienced and licensed professionals. 

GulfSouth also offers our players specialized training as well as position based training.   Speed and agility training is also part of the curriculum.  

Individual Goalkeeper training is provided for each team's keeper.

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How to Join GulfSouth


If you missed the deadline, do not worry.  We are committed to ensuring all young men and young ladies of all levels have an opportunity to participate.

Contact Director of Coaching

Games and Tournaments

The club provides an avenue for each team to participate in matches and tournaments that are appropriate based on the teams age and skill levels.  Tournaments usually require travel, sometimes overnight.  Our club participates in various game formats including, but not limited to:

  • Friendly Matches with other clubs
  • I-10 League
  • Multi-Day Tournaments
  • Interclub Matches